Parking Lot Accidents in Clarkesville

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When you have been hurt in a parking lot accident in Clarkesville, it can be difficult to understand the steps you should take to seek compensation. Because parking lots are usually private property, many people need clarification about which laws and rules apply to them. It is prudent to consult a seasoned car accident attorney from Smith Hulsey Law for help understanding your available legal options.

Many people assume that parking lot accidents rarely cause injuries, but that is not always true. While many of these wrecks occur at low speeds, not all do, and they can cause severe harm to those involved. Our local attorneys could help you explore potential remedies after a parking lot collision and help you seek justice.

Call the Police to Report Parking Lot Accidents

Although Clarkesville police rarely write traffic citations for parking lot accidents and do not officially help determine fault, it can be essential to contact the authorities. Police can still take statements, document injuries, record property damage, and determine if intoxication might have led to the collision.

Insurance companies will then use that information in their fault determinations. If an injured motorist disagrees with the insurance company’s conclusion of the accident, the police report will provide a starting point for a deeper investigation. Our attorneys are experienced with the nuances of this process and could help advocate for an injured person.

Ways Parking Lot Accidents Can Occur

When a moving vehicle hits a stopped or parked car, the driver of the moving automobile is usually at fault for a parking lot accident. However, that may not always be the case. The first issue to address is whether the stationary vehicle was legally parked. If so, then the other driver is almost always at fault. If the stationary vehicle is parked or stopped illegally, like in a no-parking zone, then the owner of that vehicle may be liable.

Two Vehicles In Motion

When both vehicles are in motion, determining fault can be more complicated as it depends on which vehicle has the right-of-way. Usually, people already in the lanes have the right-of-way over motorists moving into or out of parking spaces. Usually, vehicles in reverse should yield the right of way to vehicles proceeding forward. However, both parties can be responsible for an accident.

Single Vehicle Collision

Single-vehicle collisions are less common but can still damage property, drivers, and passengers. In these wrecks, the driver hits a stationary object, such as a structure or sign. In those instances, the driver is almost always responsible. However, in some instances, property owner negligence can shift liability to this subtype of parking lot accident.

Pedestrian Accident

Other parking lot accidents could include a motorist hitting a pedestrian in Clarkesville. This area is high risk for these kinds of incidents because parking lots are full of pedestrians, who can sustain severe harm even in low-speed wrecks.

Talk to a Clarkesville Attorney After Your Parking Lot Accident

Many parking lot accidents may just be minor and lead to minimal property damage and no injuries. However, people can sustain harm even in low-speed collisions. When you have been injured in a parking lot accident in Clarkesville, work with our skilled attorneys at Smith Hulsey Law. We could help you get the compensation you need.

We are happy to schedule an initial consultation at your convenience to discuss your options. Call our firm today.

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