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The companies that create medications are viewed in the same light as any other type of consumer product manufacturer in the eyes of the law. They have an obligation to produce products that are safe for their intended use.

Even so, if you have suffered an injury after taking a dangerous medicine, it does not automatically mean that the maker is liable. State law requires you to show that the maker of the substance was responsible for your losses under established concepts of product liability.

Although these cases can be complex, a Cleveland dangerous drugs lawyer is ready to help. The personal injury attorneys at Smith Hulsey can work to connect your injury and subsequent losses to your interaction with these substances. They also aim to obtain the evidence needed to show that the medicine maker’s improper design, manufacturing failure, or improper instructions for use leave them liable for your losses.

Compensation in a Cleveland Hazardous Medication Case

As a general rule, people who suffer injuries because of the actions of others deserve the full compensation that they need to set things right. This same concept holds true in dangerous medicine cases.

These types of cases revolve around unsafe medications causing physical damages to patients. This may include the need to seek out emergency care, subsequent hospitalization, and any rehabilitative sessions. The manufacturers of drugs that cause these injuries must provide payments to cover the costs of this treatment.

Claimants who receive compensatory damages for physical injuries under premises liability cases can also seek out payments for their non-economic losses. These could involve physical pain and suffering and loss of companionship. Working with a Cleveland unsafe medication attorney increases the potential compensation that the plaintiff may receive.

State Laws Concerning Product Liability

State law requires that the makers of any type of consumer product, including medication, must produce items that are reasonably safe for their customers. If medications are involved in a product liability case, legal action could become more complicated. This is because many medicines are only safe for use under a doctor’s supervision. Others require strict adherence to dosing guidelines.

Because of this, if a doctor decides to introduce a new drug, they rely upon representation from the manufacturing company saying the substance’s benefits outweigh the risks. If a manufacturer’s information about these risks is incorrect or the production results in an unsafe product, it may be liable for an injury.

Unsafe Drug Cases as Product Liability Claims

There are three main ways in which an injured person may prevail in a dangerous medicine case. These same three ways apply to all injury cases that allege a loss due to a dangerous consumer good. These are:

  1. Show that the injury was the result of the maker’s defective design
  2. Prove that the injury was the product of an error during manufacturing
  3. Show that the manufacturer did not provide proper instructions or warnings for safe use

Hiring a Cleveland dangerous medicine attorney could assist people in choosing the method for pursuing their case that brings the best chance of success.

Talk with a Cleveland Dangerous Drugs Attorney Today

The injuries that people can endure after taking an unsafe drug tend to be substantial. They may impact not only your physical health but also your emotional well-being and ability to return to work. If the manufacturer of these substances was negligent in allowing a defective design, manufacturing error, or improper instructions, you have the right to seek out fair compensation.

A Cleveland dangerous drugs lawyer wants you to collect these payments. They are prepared to explain your rights, obtain evidence about the incident, and demand that drug makers provide the compensation that you deserve. Reach out to Smith Hulsey now to learn more.

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