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While any type of automobile wreck can result in serious injuries for anyone involved, few kinds of incidents have a greater damage than those involving a motor vehicle striking a pedestrian. If drivers recklessly or carelessly fail to watch for people in crosswalks or walking nearby, they run the risk of causing life-altering physical, financial, and personal losses in the span of just a few seconds.

If you suffered any injury requiring professional medical care because a negligent driver hit you, you may have legal options for financial recovery worth discussing with a personal injury attorney at Smith Hulsey. Following an initial consultation, a Cleveland pedestrian accident lawyer could help you recover for the full value of all losses caused by your incident.

Are Drivers Always at Fault for Hitting a Person Walking?

It is understandable to assume that motor vehicle drivers who hit pedestrians are always legally at fault for ensuing losses, since the latter party in such an accident will almost always sustain more serious harm than the former. In reality, though, a someone hurt in a pedestrian crash can only hold the driver who hit them responsible for their damages if they can prove fault. They must prove fault through a preponderance of all evidence available that the driver’s specific irresponsible act, or failure to act, was the direct and primary cause of the injuries and losses for which the plaintiff is seeking restitution.

Assistance from a Cleveland pedestrian crash attorney can be essential to building a strong case against a defendant driver. The legal team at Smith Hulsey knows how to effectively contest accusations of comparative fault on a plaintiff’s part in addition to creating the strongest case against the defendant as possible.

Recovering Compensation within Cleveland Damage Caps

A successful lawsuit or settlement demand following a collision where someone got hit by a car while walking could allow the injured plaintiff to recover for all economic and non-economic damages. These damages are caused by their injuries and can include medical expenses, lost work income and working capacity, physical pain, and psychological trauma.

It is important to note that non-economic damages can be harder to assign a monetary price to since there is no way of gauging how much mental and emotional pain costs. A seasoned attorney in Cleveland could help a plaintiff fully recognize their total losses and ensure that they get the compensation that they deserve after getting hit by a car while walking.

Call Now to Work with a Cleveland Pedestrian Accident Attorney Today

Pedestrian crashes can be extremely traumatic experiences that are hard to recover from afterwards, particularly in situations where a driver’s misconduct has permanent repercussions for the person they hit. Without guidance from a Smith Hulsey attorney experienced with cases like yours, you might have slim chances of recovering any restitution at all, let alone the amount you deserve.

A conversation with a Cleveland pedestrian accident lawyer could clarify your rights and help you decide what course of action best fits your circumstances. Schedule a private meeting by calling our office today.

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