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The owners of dogs in the area have a duty under the law to keep their animals under control. This means keeping the animal on a leash when out in public as well as protecting invited guests on their property. Sadly, failures to adhere to this duty are all too common. This results in serious injuries that can impact every part of your life.

Fortunately, a Cleveland dog bite lawyer may be able to help you to hold negligent canine owners responsible for the actions of their animals. While the state retains a one-bite rule that applies to many animal attack incidents, it may still be possible to collect compensation after an attack, even if it was the first incident. Talking with a personal injury attorney at Smith Hulsey today could help you to better understand your rights and begin down the path towards appropriate compensation.

The One-Bite Rule and Pursuing Cases that Defeat It

State law still grants the owners of dogs the benefit of the doubt in many situations. It takes on the form of a one-bite rule that allows owners to avoid liability in many first incidents involving a specific animal. Even so, the presence of this law does not mean that victims of bites are without recourse.

Even if the canine involved in the attack had never bitten a person before, it is still possible to hold a dog’s owner responsible if the victim can prove the animal’s “vicious propensity.” Vicious propensity can take on the form of a previous attack against another animal or evidence of the canine threatening to bite people in public. In some local jurisdictions, this can also be the product of the dog’s breed. A Cleveland dog attack attorney can provide more information about the one-bite rule and help victims to overcome this presumption of non-responsibility.

Compensation from Liable Parties in Cleveland after Canine Bites

Canine bites and other attacks can be serious events that force an individual to change many parts of their life. For a physical injury, such as a deep cut, broken bones, or an infection, this may require both emergency room treatment and long-term rehabilitation. These events may also result in the need for mental health counseling connected to the incident or even force a person to miss time at work.

The job of a Cleveland dog attack attorney is to collect the compensation needed to cover these costs and the emotional trauma connected to a dog attack. To this end, many parties may share liability.

Of course, the pet’s owner is liable for the action of their animal. In addition, a landlord may share liability if they specifically allow an animal onto the property with the knowledge that the animal has had a violent past. Similarly, it may be possible to collect compensation through a homeowner’s insurance claim if the attack happened on the dog owner’s property. Talking with an attorney could help people to place blame for an attack on the right defendants.

Reach Out to a Cleveland Dog Attack Attorney Today

Suffering an injury due to a canine attack such as a bite can bring major negative changes to your life. You will require medical care to make your best recovery and may need emotional health counseling to regain your quality of life. The incident might even cause you to miss time at work or result in a permanent disability.

You deserve the compensation that you need to set things right, and a Cleveland dog bite lawyer could help you to pursue these payments. They aim to hold negligent canine owners, landlords, and insurance companies liable for their failures to keep you safe. Speak with a Smith Hulsey attorney now to discover more about dog bites and your right to compensation.

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