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Property owners have certain obligations under the law to keep their premises safe for visitors. If you were injured on a hazardous property, you could be able to hold the landowner financially responsible for your losses.

A Cleveland premises liability lawyer could help you seek out the payments that you deserve. An injury attorney at Smith Hulsey could work to investigate the reason for your injury, determine if a landowner’s failure to keep you safe was the source of that injury, and demand that property owners and insurance companies provide the compensation needed to set things right.

What it Means to Suffer a Premises Liability Injury

A premises liability injury is that it is one that occurs on another’s property. This may include a store, someone’s home, or even an apartment building. These cases allege that the owners of this property did not provide proper protection against an injury. However, the exact steps that a landowner must take to provide this protection vary depending on the visitor’s reasons for being on the property.

State Law Separates Visitors into Two Main Categories

Property owners always have an obligation to not cause intentional or wanton harm to visitors. This applies regardless of the type of property or even if the visitor was trespassing at the time of the incident. It is when a visitor is an invited guest that the duty of property owners becomes more substantial.

The Official Code of Georgia § 51-3-1 lays out the obligation that property owners owe to invited guests. Under this law, people who visit property for the benefit of owners (invitees) have the ability to demand compensation after an accidental injury. Business customers, general contractors, and social guests are all considered invitees. Property owners must take all appropriate action to prevent harm from affecting invited guests. A Cleveland premises liability attorney could work to demonstrate an individual’s status as an invitee and pursue compensation accordingly.

Common Incidents that May Justify a Premises Liability Case

Almost any example of an injury that occurs on another’s property may give rise to a premises liability case. Common examples are slip and falls that result from standing water or slick floors, broken stairs, or loose carpeting. If a landowner did not take reasonable steps to protect a visitor from that harm, they might be liable for the resulting injuries.

Though most premises liability cases are the result of accidents, some premises liability cases arise out of the criminal acts of third parties. In some situations, a landowner has an obligation to protect guests from this harm. This can include having proper lighting, adequate security, or strong locks on doors. A premises liability lawyer could investigate a specific incident to determine if a Cleveland landowner may be liable.

Reach Out to a Cleveland Premises Liability Attorney Now

You deserve to feel safe when visiting others’ property. If you suffered injuries on hazardous premises, you could be able to collect compensation for your losses, including medical bills, lost wages, and more.

A Cleveland premises liability lawyer is prepared to take the lead in proving fault for these incidents. This includes investigating the cause of an injury, establishing your rights under state law, and making the full extent of your losses clear. These steps aim to bring you the compensation that you deserve with minimal stress. To discuss your case with a dedicated attorney at Smith Hulsey, schedule a free consultation today.

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