Common Injuries in Gainesville Workers’ Compensation Claims

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Many folks in Gainesville do manual labor that requires heavy lifting, construction work, or machinery use. However, these types of jobs come with a high risk of bodily harm. Unfortunately, work-related injuries are often debilitating and can leave the employee with significant medical costs and no income while they are recovering.

If you were hurt on the job, ask our lawyers about common injuries in Gainesville workers’ compensation claims. The dedicated legal advisors at Smith Hulsey could work tirelessly to get the medical care and financial recovery that you need.

What Work Accidents are Typically Compensated?

In Gainesville, some of the most common conditions in workers’ compensation claims are repetitive use injuries. These result from doing the same motion or job repeatedly, such as lifting, reaching, or pulling. Another frequent work-related condition is overexertion, particularly in construction or manufacturing jobs that require heavy lifting.

Sometimes, a singular traumatic accident will cause a worker’s injuries, such as a machine malfunction, slip and fall, or electrocution incident. In many workers’ compensation claims, a person is injured by another employee who misuses equipment or makes a dangerous mistake with fast-moving machinery.

Some examples of lesser known incidents that could be covered by workers’ compensation include exposure to harmful substances and a motor vehicle accident while on the job. A seasoned lawyer could further explain common types of compensated work accidents to a Gainesville worker and determine whether their particular incident may be covered.

Frequent Work-Related Conditions in Compensation Claims

Because there are many manufacturing jobs in Gainesville, our attorneys often represent workers’ compensation claims for cumulative trauma or repetitive use cases. Some of the most common employment-related injuries that may be eligible for benefits include:

  • Rotator cuff conditions
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Carpal tunnel and other wrist and ankle conditions
  • Spinal damage
  • Lower back and neck pain
  • Knee injuries, such as a torn meniscus or torn ligaments

Should I Report my Work Injuries for Compensation?

A major mistake for injured workers is to not report symptoms or try to deal with them on their own. Many folks in Gainesville do not understand the true extent of their injuries or the value of their workers’ compensation case. Without persistent legal guidance, it can be easy to be taken advantage of.

Unfortunately, insurance adjusters may try to settle a case for a lower amount or before a patient’s treatment regimen is completely done. These scenarios can prevent an injured employee from getting the full treatment and rehabilitation they need. As such, it is important for an injured Gainesville worker to enlist a supportive attorney to help secure the proper medical care and compensation.

Reporting Symptoms for Workers’ Comp in Gainesville

After a work-related accident, it is critical to immediately report any and all symptoms. If injuries are not documented when they arise, it could hurt the worker’s case for compensation in the future.

For instance, an employee who hurts their shoulder and wrist may only report the shoulder injury at first because it is more painful at the time. However, if the wrist pain worsens two or three weeks later, insurance companies may try to deny compensation because that injury was not initially reported.

Underreporting symptoms can impact a workers’ compensation case down the road, so it is important to seek medical advice and nearby legal counsel for all injuries following an accident on the job.

Discuss Common Injuries in Workers’ Compensation Claims with a Gainesville Attorney

If you sustained injuries in your workplace, do not hesitate to reach out to our law firm. At Smith Hulsey, we understand common injuries in Gainesville workers’ compensation claims, and we have the resources to effectively fight for the compensation you deserve.

A serious injury may prevent you from earning the financial resources necessary to stand up to an employer or insurance company. Our firm could support you in seeking medical treatment and pursue a claim on your behalf. Reach out to us today for a free consultation.

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