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When we hear the term “workers’ compensation,” our minds typically go to work-related injuries sustained in one-off incidents. While Georgia’s workers’ compensation system does assist employees that have suffered in sudden accidents, it also covers injuries that have built over time.

If an injury arises in the scope of employment, it is typically covered by workers’ compensation insurance. It does not matter in what profession you work; secretaries who type all day and delivery drivers who constantly lift heavy packages can sustain serious injuries. If you develop a medical issue after performing a task over and over again, a Gainesville repetitive motion injury lawyer could guide you through the workers’ compensation process. Contact the dedicated attorneys of Smith Hulsey today to get started.

Repetitive Motion Causes Specific Injuries

When someone repeatedly moves in a certain way, the body can wear down and signal stress through pain. Examples of repetitive strain injuries include back pain from constant stooping and lifting, carpal tunnel syndrome from typing or cutting hair all day, tendonitis from assembly line work, and discomfort, neck, and back pain from sitting in front of a computer all day.

Any repetitive motion can cause stress on the body and will eventually manifest itself in detectable injuries. Employees who suffer from these injuries should consult a Gainesville attorney to represent them when employers and insurers argue that the repetitive motion injury is not work-related.

Filing for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Injured employees must notify their bosses within 30 days of discovering an injury, so it is crucial that pain from performing repetitive movements in the workplace be treated by a physician as soon as possible. The records generated by an employee’s physician will serve as essential evidence for the insurer to decide whether to pay or deny benefits. Employees may also be required to verify a doctor’s opinion by visiting a doctor authorized by the insurer, which will serve as a second opinion. It is also essential to follow the doctor’s orders, because failing to can lead to loss of benefits. Consult a knowledgeable attorney serving Gainesville to discuss the benefits process for repetitive motion injuries.

How an Attorney Could Assist Injured Employees

Insurer denials often stall the workers’ compensation benefits process. The adjuster may claim the repetitive injury is not job-related or not entirely caused by job-related tasks. Insurance companies exist to make a profit, and one avenue for doing so is to turn down claims while collecting premiums from employers. The entire process should be overseen by a skilled attorney who, from start to finish, can:

  • Explain the requirement for filing claims and ensure they are met
  • Assess the insurance company’s response and map a plan of action if a claim is denied
  • Determine how an injury is job-related and prove how serious it is
  • Request and attend hearings and advocate for injured employees
  • Calculate what an injured employee should receive in benefits and fight to get the total amount
  • Represent injured employees at appeals

A Gainesville repetitive motion attorney from Smith Hulsey could fight tirelessly to secure the appropriate benefits, as employees need them to take care of themselves and their families.

A Gainesville Repetitive Motion Injury Attorney is Here to Help

Injuries that worsen over time are just as serious as any other kind of work-related harm. If you are wondering if your pain is a job-related injury covered by workers’ compensation insurance, call us, and let us answer your questions.

A Gainesville repetitive motion injury lawyer from our firm could guide you through the workers’ compensation process, so you do not have to worry about medical bills and your next paycheck. Contact Smith Hulsey today to learn more.

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