Mistakes to Avoid in Gainesville Workers’ Compensation Claims

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Claims for employment-related injuries are governed by the Workers’ Compensation Act in Georgia. This area of law has many complex nuances and regulations that make it difficult for the average person to navigate alone.

Because of this, it is necessary for injured employees to work with an attorney who could advise on mistakes to avoid in Gainesville workers’ compensation claims. The knowledgeable attorneys at our law firm understand how to make the most of the legal system and could help you obtain the benefits you are entitled to.

Drawbacks of Trusting Insurance Companies in Workers’ Comp Claims

One of the most common mistakes in Gainesville workers’ comp claims is trusting what the insurance adjuster says about employees’ rights and benefits. At the end of the day, the insurance companies are there to limit exposure and get cases shut down as quickly as possible. However, many workers do not realize the antagonistic relationship between them and the insurance company of their employer.

Due to this, injured victims are often taken advantage of because they are not familiar with the workers’ comp laws. When a person defers to what the adjuster tells them, they usually do not get all the benefits they are entitled to. Accordingly, it is critical for a Gainesville employee to retain an assertive attorney who could protect their best interests against adverse parties.

Are Workers’ Compensation Cases Valuable in Gainesville?

Another frequent mistake that people make is undervaluing workers’ comp claims due to a misconception that these cases are not valuable. However, the right attorney may be able to recover compensation that far exceeds what an injured worker is initially told their case is worth.

Many people do not understand the true value of their case because they are not aware of what benefits they are eligible for. They may not even know all the types of compensation that are available in these cases. As such, it is important to consult a trustworthy local attorney to avoid missing out on available workers’ compensation benefits.

Misconceptions of Filing Claims for Job-Related Injuries

Often, people falsely believe that they will be terminated or punished if they file for workers’ compensation. In some cases, an employer may say that they do not have insurance or try to dissuade the worker from filing a claim.

These misconceptions may lead a Gainesville employee to do things that could negatively impact their workers’ compensation claim in the future. Common mistakes include:

  • Trying to deal with injuries alone
  • Underreporting the severity or extent of symptoms
  • Delaying filing for workers’ comp benefits
  • Pursuing a claim without legal counsel

A supportive legal advisor at Smith Hulsey could help injured employees better understand the system to avoid these mistakes in pursuing workers’ compensation. No one should fear losing their job over exercising their right to claim benefits.

Work with an Attorney to Avoid Mistakes in Gainesville Workers’ Compensation Claims

The biggest mistake that injured employees make is not retaining a dedicated workers’ compensation attorney. A meeting with a legal advisor could help a person better understand the relevant laws and what mistakes to avoid in Gainesville workers’ compensation claims.

At Smith Hulsey, our lawyers have handled thousands of employment-related injury cases. Call us today to learn how we could put that knowledge to use on your potential claim.

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