Workers’ Compensation Settlements in Gainesville

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Settlements are a powerful tool to get the compensation you need following a workplace accident. Every case is unique, and the specific facts of your case will determine whether a lump sum settlement is available or even advisable.

Settling a work injury case can help prevent the lengthy hearing process and get you compensated more quickly. If you are considering a workers’ compensation settlement in Gainesville, call Smith Hulsey for legal guidance. Our experienced attorneys could analyze your situation and help determine what strategy is in your best interests.

Types of Settlements for Work Injuries

Settlements can be uniquely tailored to a person’s situations. However, there are few types that our experienced attorneys commonly see in Gainesville workers’ compensation cases.

Liability Settlements

Liability settlements resolve claims that an insurance company has agreed to pay with an admission of liability. These types of settlements are most common when the cause of the accident and the resulting injury are undisputed.

Non-Liability Settlements

A non-liability settlement occurs when there is a dispute as to cause of a worker’s injuries. Instead of agreeing about the cause and liability, the parties instead agree to a settlement amount in order to avoid litigating the question. Both liability and non-liability settlements can result in significant compensation. However, the legal distinction may impact an attorney’s strategy in negotiating on behalf of a client.

Finalizing Workers’ Comp Settlements in Gainesville

The State Board of Workers’ Compensation must approve all settlement agreements for workers’ compensation cases. It is essential to follow the approval process set forth by the Board to advance any settlement agreement to the final stages. A settlement can be finalized once the injured worker and the insurance company agree upon all of the terms of the settlement.

Certain documents must also be filed with the Board, including:

  • A stipulated agreement outlining all terms and conditions of the agreement
  • Any claims forms
  • Medical records which describe the extent of injuries
  • Information about unpaid child support
  • Any fee agreements and documents

The Board does not need a hearing to review these documents and approve or reject a settlement. A lawyer experienced in workers’ comp settlements could help an applicant file the proper paperwork and increase their chances of approval.

When Can a Workers’ Compensation Claim Be Settled?

A person can settle their workers’ compensation claim at any while the legal action is pending. There are various strategies for when and how the settlement should take place to maximize a person’s benefits. The savvy attorneys at our Gainesville office could advise an injured worker on the best time to settle their claim.

Benefits of a Settlement for Workplace Injuries

There are several benefits to securing workers’ compensation through a settlement rather than litigation. A settlement permits the parties involved in the case to avoid the expenses of trial and help ensure that the worker receives compensation in a timely fashion. However, every case is unique, so injured workers should consult a nearby attorney for advice on pursuing a settlement in their particular circumstances.

Speak with a Gainesville Attorney on Workers’ Compensation Settlements

Your workplace injury case deserves the care and attention of a skilled lawyer who understands the system and knows how to fight for your rights. Legal counsel could help you determine the most advantageous strategy for settling and pursuing the compensation you need.

To learn more about workers’ compensation settlements in Gainesville, speak with the legal team at Smith Hulsey today. Give us a call to set up a consultation about your case.

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