Seeking Medical Treatment after a Workplace Injury in Gainesville

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When you are injured in a workplace accident, prompt medical treatment is a key part of the healing process. It is crucial to understand your rights and obligations concerning healthcare, as this could impact your ability to seek coverage through workers’ compensation.

There are ways of seeking medical treatment after a workplace injury in Gainesville that could increase your chances of having it fully covered by workers’ comp. To learn how to successfully navigate this process, reach out to a dedicated lawyer at Smith Hulsey today.

Steps to Follow after an On-the-Job Injury

After a workplace injury, an injured employee should take certain steps in their recovery process. Following these steps can increase their chances of recovering compensation for their injuries and getting the medical help they need.

Report the Injury

The first step a person must follow after a workplace accident is to report the injury. Failure to provide this notification could hurt their future claim for workers’ compensation. It is important to tell a supervisor or human resources department as quickly as possible to protect one’s rights to pursue compensation.

Get Medical Treatment

After an accident, an injured worker should promptly seek medical treatment. Emergency treatment is a covered expense under workers’ comp even if the doctor is not on the approved list of health care providers. It is crucial to follow all of the healthcare providers’ instructions—failure to follow one’s treatment could be used to deny all or part of a workers’ comp claim.

After emergency care, the injured worker should get a list of approved doctors for ongoing care. Employers are required to provide this list of approved physicians under state law. The employer’s human resources department likely has this information if it was not provided upon notice of injury.

Provide Updates to Workers’ Comp Attorney and Employer

As the injured worker continues to receive medical care, they should provide copies of doctor reports, notes, or excuses from work to their attorney and employer. Keeping track of this medical information can be challenging, especially when recovering from a serious workplace injury, but a seasoned attorney at our Gainesville office could help with the process.

Employer Insurance Companies for Workplace Injuries in Gainesville

Sadly, insurance companies often try to avoid paying workers’ compensation claims, even when they are entirely legitimate. They will seek out small inconsistencies, paperwork errors, and any other mistakes to avoid paying a claim and save money. These companies use their own attorneys to pressure workers into low settlements.

How an injured worker seeks medical treatment is often an area where insurers find excuses to deny claims. Injured workers have the right to compensation for their necessary medical expenses, so it is crucial to retain a skilled local attorney who could protect this right and fight back against the insurance companies.

Consult a Gainesville Attorney when Seeking Medical Treatment after a Workplace Injury

Medical treatment is a key part of any workers’ compensation case. You have the right to be compensated for the medical care needed to recover from your workplace injury. However, asserting your rights in a workers’ comp claim may require specific types of evidence that are best presented by a hardworking attorney.

For help seeking medical treatment after a workplace injury in Gainesville, contact our skilled attorneys at Smith Hulsey. We are here to help you seek physical and financial recovery.

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