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Most of the products that consumers purchase are completely safe and effective as long as they are used as intended. Unfortunately, not every company fulfills its duty to provide reasonably safe goods to consumers. Because of this, those defective goods could cause devastating injuries.

If an unreasonably dangerous product caused you to an sustain avoidable injury, discuss your legal options with a Clarkesville defective products lawyer. Even if you have never gone through civil litigation before, a dedicated personal injury attorney at Smith Hulsey could ensure you understand what rights you have and diligently pursue the best possible case outcome on your behalf.

Product Liability Laws in Clarkesville

Manufacturers are not automatically liable for damages in every scenario where someone gets hurt while using their product. The item must be faulty in a legally actionable way, which usually means it is inherently flawed and dangerous in one of the following ways:

  • Design defect—something about the product’s core design makes every incarnation of it unsafe
  • Manufacturing issues—an error during the manufacturing and/or assembly process makes a specific incarnation of an otherwise safely designed product unsafe
  • Marketing errors—a product is designed and manufactured safely but does not include appropriate instructions for how consumers should operate it or warnings
  • Breach of warranty—a product does not function in a way explicitly or implicitly promised by the manufacturer, directly leading to a user getting hurt

To have grounds for litigation, an injured party must prove several things. First, they must prove that such a defect existed. Second, they must show that the defect was present when the item left its manufacturer’s direct control. Third, they must prove that the defect directly caused them physical harm requiring professional medical care while they were using the product as intended. A Clarkesville defective merchandise attorney at Smith Hulsey could provide irreplaceable assistance with establishing the required elements of a successful product liability claim.

Recoverable Damages in a Successful Claim

A plaintiff who can successfully show that a manufacturer was either strictly liable or liable based on negligence for a defect in an item they sold may be held financially accountable. This can include economic effects like medical expenses, lost work income, and the cost of replacing or repairing the defective product that harmed them. It can also include non-economic damages such as physical pain, emotional trauma, and lost quality of life due to long-term disability or disfigurement.

Regardless of how strong a plaintiff’s case is, they only have a certain amount of time have a skilled product liability attorney in Clarkesville file on their behalf. According to Official Code of Georgia §9-3-33, a statutory filing deadline of two years applies to virtually all personal injury claims, with very limited exceptions.

Talk to a Clarkesville Defective Products Attorney Today

Dangerous consumer goods cause thousands of injuries in the state each year, most of which could have been prevented altogether from the companies that manufactured them. If you were harmed by a faulty purchase, pursuing fair civil compensation could be crucial to preserving your best interest.

A knowledgeable Clarkesville defective products lawyer could be a steadfast and essential ally during every stage of a case like this. Call Smith Hulsey today for your initial consultation.

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