Common Causes of Gainesville Car Accidents

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Automobile collisions can be caused by various forms of negligence or intentional behavior. Common causes of Gainesville car accidents include running red lights, driving while intoxicated, driving with limited visibility or at night, and driving in the wrong direction.

If you were injured because someone acted recklessly, a skilled motor vehicle wreck attorney at Smith Hulsey could help you file for the compensation you deserve.

Drunk Driving Automobile Crashes

Drunk driving in Gainesville is a common cause of auto collisions and is caused when someone operates their vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Sometimes, someone could be driving while intoxicated on drugs.

These types of collisions allow for greater punitive damages to be awarded in a case. Punitive damages are an aspect of a case that allows the jury to award the plaintiff money to specifically punish the actions of the defendant. Crashes caused by someone driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are a common reason to implement punitive damages into a case.

Gainesville Collisions Caused by Running a Stop Signal

Running a red light, stop sign, or failing to yield when required is often coupled with a distracted driving charge because the defendant was likely not watching the road when the collision occurred. This type of behavior could lead to an argument that a crash occurred because of the driver’s recklessness, which could allow for punitive damages to be awarded.

Anyone injured because of this frequent cause of motor vehicle crashes is well-advised to contact an experienced Gainesville attorney as soon as possible.

Car Crashes Caused by Driving at Night

Driving in the dark or at night is a common reason people get into auto wrecks in Gainesville. Anyone who drives at night is expected to drive cautiously and to look out for others especially when it comes to pedestrians.

There is an expectation that people are going to drive slower and look in all directions around them frequently. They also must account for the fact that their headlights are only pointed forward, leaving their peripherals in the dark. Driving in the dark creates a higher standard of care where drivers are required to use more caution than they would in the daytime.

Wrecks Caused by Driving in the Wrong Direction

Driving in the wrong direction is an egregious violation. If someone is on the wrong side of the road, then it can be assumed that defendant acted in a reckless manner such as driving while intoxicated or drowsy, or operating a vehicle while distracted. These behaviors show carelessness and make it likely to award punitive damages to the injured person. Someone driving on the wrong side of the road could cause a head-on collision.

Someone injured because a defendant drove on the wrong side of the road should discuss their case with a Gainesville attorney familiar with the causes of car accidents.

Contact an Attorney about the Common Causes of Gainesville Car Accidents

There are many behaviors that could end in a wreck involving one or more vehicles. If you were injured because someone acted negligently or recklessly, you need a dedicated ally by your side to help you file a claim for compensation.

To learn more about the common causes of Gainesville car accidents, contact a knowledgeable attorney at Smith Hulsey today.

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