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At some point in your life, you might find yourself driving a rental car out of necessity or for vacation. You most certainly have found yourself in front of—or behind—a rental car motorist. While driving in a vehicle that is not technically their own, people may engage in reckless behavior that leads to collisions, and a trusted automobile accident attorney could assist you.

Anyone who gets hurt by a reckless motorist may be entitled to compensation, but determining liability for rental car accidents comes with unique challenges. If you or someone you love are hurt in a crash involving a leased vehicle, a tactical Gainesville rental car lawyer could help you recover the compensatory damages you deserve.

Rental Car Insurance Issues

The purpose of insurance for rental vehicles under Georgia Code § 33-7-9 is to cover expenses, loss, and liability for incidents resulting from the use, maintenance, or ownership of the car. Georgia law requires all drivers to have minimum liability insurance of $25,000 separately per person for bodily injury and property damage. However, with the rise of car-sharing services, a motorist may be able to drive a rental vehicle without insurance.

Traditional rental car companies tend to require proof of insurance before the driver can borrow the car. Some car loaning businesses also provide vehicle insurance policies the driver can purchase for a separate fee. The different kinds of rental car insurance companies frequently make available to customers are:

  • Loss damage waivers
  • Supplemental liability
  • Personal effects insurance
  • Personal accident insurance

Loss damage waiver policies cover situations where the vehicle is stolen or sustains damage. Supplemental liability covers incidents where another driver hits the car, resulting in damage to the vehicle and injuries to the customer. In contrast, personal accident policies cover collisions where the car borrower is the majority at-fault driver. Personal effects insurance pays for lost, damaged, or destroyed property in a vehicle crash.

Though traditional rental car companies usually offer these rental car insurance alternatives, not every customer accepts, increasing the likelihood that a negligent car driver will not have insurance. This is particularly true when the car loaning business does not require—or check for—the customer’s personal driving insurance information.

Georgia—under Georgia Code §40-9-102— mandates all U-drive companies to have all customers provide proof of their insurance before the authorization of rentals or for the customer to purchase insurance on the spot from the company. Car loaning companies in Georgia and other states that violate their respective state rental car laws could be sued. A Gainesville attorney can provide effective and competent representation in settlement negotiations and trials involving rental vehicle accidents.

Pursuing Compensation From a Rental Car Driver

A person in Gainesville who has injuries from an accident with a rental car operator should consider pursuing compensation damages through a personal injury lawsuit. A personal injury lawsuit may be an ideal option if a rental car driver does not have insurance or the payout will not cover the full extent of harm done.

Bringing forth a lawsuit for bodily injuries can come with many complications. Courts require claimants to follow specific requirements and strict writing guidelines. Also, injured individuals who are not familiar with the law can leave out integral damage claims when filing their case without legal counsel. For example, a person who asks for compensation for medical bills cannot recover money for future pain and suffering. A Gainesville lawyer could obtain fair and just damage awards for those hurt in rental car accidents.

Contact a Gainesville Rental Car Attorney Now

If you get into an accident while driving a rental car, notify the rental company as soon as possible. In instances where the company was negligent in not maintaining the vehicle before loaning it to a customer, the company could be liable for damages. To determine what your legal options are after an incident involving a borrowed vehicle, call a Gainesville rental car lawyer.

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