Punitive Damages for DUI Accidents in Gainesville

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In Gainesville, drunk driving accidents commonly occur in the city, either late at night or in the early morning. Unlike most other kinds of negligent behavior that cause car accidents, driving under the influence is a criminal act. Because the law sees DUI as reckless and wanton behavior, punitive damages may be available to victims, thus increasing the value of their case.

If you were injured by an intoxicated driver, consult an experienced attorney on what types of restitution may be available in your situation. The legal team at Smith Hulsey could explain the concept of punitive damages for DUI accidents in Gainesville and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Making a Case for Punitive Damages after a DUI

Punitive damages can significantly increase the value of a case. Although Georgia sets a maximum of $250,000 for punitive damages in most cases, DUI accidents are an exception to this cap. Our lawyers will typically identify whether a case has a punitive damages factor at the initial consultation or after reviewing the accident report.

A good law firm would categorize these cases differently and make sure that all evidence that may be relevant to the punitive damages is preserved early on. We could ensure this by sending the following:

  • Spoliation letters
  • Litigation documents
  • Hold notices that require the defendant and their insurance carriers to preserve any video or device that may have recorded data about the event

Additionally, a skilled attorney could maximize a person’s potential for punitive damages by ensuring that they get all the medical treatment that they need. Photos and other evidence of disabilities and disfigurement are important for documenting the victim’s pain and suffering due to the DUI accident.

What Should I Do after Being Injured by a Drunk Driver?

After a collision involving a drunk driver, an injured person’s main responsibility is to get the medical treatment they need. The drunk driving charge will be pursued separately by law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys for the jurisdiction where the accident occurred. An injured victim just needs to be available to make statements about how the accident occurred. Most of that investigation will be completed before a civil attorney gets involved with any personal injury lawsuits.

However, a victim of a DUI accident can contact a lawyer at our Gainesville office at any time to learn their options for civil recovery and punitive damages. Once retained, our seasoned DUI attorneys could handle a victim’s civil case and allow them to focus on their recovery. We could also help with important steps to take following the accident, such as documenting symptoms and gathering medical documentation. All of these tasks are crucial in building a strong case for comprehensive recovery, including punitive damages.

Consult a Gainesville Attorney on Punitive Damages for DUI Accidents

Punitive damages are meant to punish the defendant for egregious behavior. As such, they are rare in most personal injury cases involving simple carelessness. However, many juries see driving under the influence as gross and reckless negligence, as intoxicated driving is illegal and puts everyone else on the road at risk.

If you were harmed by a drunk driver, reach out to our legal team to discuss punitive damages for DUI accidents in Gainesville. The lawyers at Smith Hulsey are ready to help you pursue the maximum value of your case, so call us today to get started.

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