Rear-End Collisions in Gainesville

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A rear-end collision is any crash where the bumper of one vehicle runs into the back end of another. Rear-endings are often caused by the car behind following too closely, as you need enough distance to react to any slowing or stopping of traffic.

If you were injured in this type of accident, speak with an experienced attorney who handles rear-end collisions in Gainesville. At Smith Hulsey, our legal team could work tirelessly to recover compensation for your losses and help you move forward with your life.

Common Causes of Rear-Endings

Rear-end crashes are most commonly caused by tailgating, especially when cars are packed together during rush hour. Other driver behaviors that often lead to back-end collisions include:

  • Trying to change lanes with a small gap
  • Texting behind the wheel
  • Driving while distracted
  • Driving while overly tired

If a driver is not paying attention to the road ahead, they may not notice a vehicle slowing or stopping in front of them. Unfocused driving, combined with following too closely, leads to many rear-endings in the Gainesville area.

Who is At Fault in a Rear-End Accident?

Most often, the driver in back is found at fault for a rear-end collision, especially if they receive a police citation for following too closely. However, these cases can become more complicated in pile-up situations. Many times, witness statements will conflict on who rear-ended the first vehicle and how the other cars were impacted.

In those situations, multiple drivers may be charged with following too closely. For any civil claims, this means that comparative fault will likely be a factor, since several motorists will share a portion of the blame. This could cause arguments between the drivers and their insurance companies over percentages of fault, so it is important for anyone injured in a Gainesville rear-end accident to seek skilled legal representation.

Dealing with Insurance Companies after a Gainesville Rear-Ending

The rear-end collisions, the rule of thumb is that the vehicle in back is typically to blame for causing the accident. However, many insurance companies will not honor this rule to avoid paying adequate settlement amounts to injured victims. For instance, an insurance company might argue that the plaintiff made an improper lane change, or even that they were trying to cause the accident by cutting off the other driver.

It is important to remember that these allegations are mainly strategic. Insurance agents may try to convince a plaintiff that they will be found partially liable in order to devalue their case and decrease their settlement. As such, it is crucial to work with a knowledgeable local attorney who understands these tactics and could work to contest them. An experienced lawyer in the area could send a 30-day demand letter to compel an insurance company to make a reasonable settlement offer.

Discuss Rear-End Collisions with a Gainesville Attorney

Because these situations often involve liability disputes and negotiations with insurance companies, it is critical to discuss your case with a well-practiced lawyer. An assertive attorney at our firm could work tirelessly to protect your legal rights and pursue the compensation that you deserve. If you were injured in this type of accident, work with a legal team that understands how to recover for rear-end collisions in Gainesville. Call Smith Hulsey today to set up a consultation.

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