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Different types of car accidents can cause a wide range of damages for the people involved. A rollover crash is anytime a vehicle rolls over on its top or 360 degrees back on its wheels.

If you were hurt in a crash like this, a Gainesville rollover car accident lawyer can help you recover the damages that you deserve. An automobile wreck attorney at Smith Hulsey knows the legal process that accompanies these cases and can help you file for compensation as soon as possible.

Common Patterns in Gainesville Rollover Crashes

Many times, the speed and angle that the vehicle is traveling causes these incidents. If an automobile is going over the speed limit on a sharp turn, it could turn onto its side and flip several times. Because of this, cliffs, guard rails, and other sharp turns in roads are frequent places for rollover wrecks to occur. Even if an automobile collides with a ditch the wrong way, it could flip several times.

Most passenger vehicles are not designed to traverse that kind of terrain with ease. Because of this, any unevenness in the pavement or the shoulder of the roadway could contribute to causing the car to rollover. Anyone looking to determine what caused their automobile to flip should contact a skilled Gainesville attorney as soon as they can.

What Makes Rollovers Different from Other Wrecks?

Severe injuries are not uncommon in this types of crash because of how devastating the multiple impact points can be. Because the car may flip several times, passengers could collide with the inside of the car that is moving with a high velocity and striking things along the roadway.

Passengers Thrown from an Automobile

One of the worst situations in rollovers is if a passenger is thrown from their vehicle. If their car or another vehicle hits them after they have been thrown, they could suffer catastrophic damages, such as fractured or crushed bones, spinal cord damage and paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, and death. Rollover collisions are so serious that almost any type of injury can occur because of one.

Passengers Trapped Inside an Automobile

Rollovers can also result in people being trapped inside their vehicle in situations where they cannot escape if there is a fire or if the automobile is submerged in water. Chemicals and gasoline could be igniters for a fire in the automobile and surrounding area, and many times, flipped over cars could end up in bodies of water, such as a river. If passengers cannot get their doors open or windows rolled down, then flooding and drowning can become a risk.

A diligent Gainesville attorney at Smith Hulsey can help someone learn more about the unique patterns and dangers involved when a vehicle flips over.

Using Evidence to Recover Damages in Rollover Collisions

An accomplished rollover attorney in Gainesville can make sure the scene of the crash is well-documented. A collision like this is high-impact and could have vehicles scattered at far distances. Because of this, it may be advised for an accident reconstructionist team to work on someone’s case.

Crash reconstructionists are qualified to recreate scenes as law enforcement agents. They are also often familiar with products defects and roadside defects from a department of transportation (DOT) engineering standpoint. Because of this, they can explain in scientific detail how accidents started and what contributed to it, such as lack of guard rails, curbs, speed bumps, et cetera.

Contact a Gainesville Rollover Car Accident Attorney Now

Being involved in this type of wreck can result in serious damages to yourself and your property. If you suffer from catastrophic injuries because of a collision like this, a Gainesville rollover car accident lawyer can help you recover compensation for your losses.

Call Smith Hulsey’s office now to learn more about your legal options following a rollover crash.

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