Mistakes to Avoid After a Gainesville Car Accident

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When you get into a traffic accident, you do not have much time to consider your next steps. However, what you do immediately after a collision caused by a negligent motorist can impact your right to fair compensation.

By learning mistakes to avoid after a Gainesville car accident, you can prepare to take the best possible measures to strengthen your injury claim. The seasoned auto accident attorneys at Smith Hulsey Law are here to protect your rights through every step of this process.

Refusing Medical Treatment

Gainesville residents are hard-working people with busy lives. After a motor vehicle crash, many people may downplay the extent of their injuries so they can return to their families and jobs as soon as possible. Others may believe they can tough out their injuries. However, anyone injured in a car accident should make pursuing medical treatment one of their top priorities. Some injuries, such as internal organ damage or brain trauma, may not be readily apparent or cause obvious physical damage. It is also possible that adrenaline from the crash makes people feel fine when they are simply in shock and cannot feel their injuries.

Refusing treatment after a Gainesville car collision is also a mistake because it can weaken a potential plaintiff’s case. If someone refuses treatment or does not follow a doctor’s instructions for recovery, it is easier for insurance adjusters to argue their injuries are less severe. Gaps in treatment can also create doubt over whether a motorist’s negligence directly caused a plaintiff’s injuries. A local attorney could help injured parties find providers for medical treatment and keep track of these costs for potential reimbursement.

Accepting an Insurance Company’s Initial Offer

Insurance companies typically call parties listed on the police report soon after a car crash. Injured people may not understand the full ramifications of these discussions. Anything said to an insurance company suggesting shared fault or downplaying injuries could lead to a reduced settlement offer. Insurance companies also tend to record these calls, meaning potential plaintiffs should be especially careful about what they say. Though insurance adjusters may present themselves as friendly and helpful, the reality is their job is to settle for as little as possible.

During these talks, insurance companies often offer two separate settlements: one for property damage and one for bodily harm. Adjusters may imply these settlement offers must be accepted as soon as possible and at the same time. However, these separate settlements do not have to be and, in practice, are rarely resolved simultaneously.

Insurance companies may also use vague and confusing language. As such, Gainesville car accident survivors who accept the first settlement may mistakenly agree to receive less than they deserve. Having legal representation during these negotiations could ensure insurance adjusters do not take advantage of an injured person.

Not Hiring Legal Counsel

Some people believe they can represent themselves after being hurt by a reckless motorist. However, it is incredibly challenging for someone who does not have legal knowledge and experience to achieve fair compensation. Our dedicated legal team is prepared to support an injured car accident survivor through every step of the claims process.

As discussed, a skilled Gainesville lawyer could help injured parties avoid common mistakes after an auto accident. We could also investigate the cause of an accident, gather evidence demonstrating how another party should be held liable, and present this evidence in a compelling and comprehensive claim. A knowledgeable attorney could also clearly explain a potential plaintiff’s rights to prepare them for any legal discussions and negotiations.

One of the most valuable services a compassionate lawyer could provide is taking work off an injured person’s plate. Our proactive legal team could handle litigation procedures and fight for compensation on a plaintiff’s behalf, allowing them to focus on their recovery.

A Gainesville Attorney Could Help You Avoid Common Mistakes After a Car Accident

The average person may not know their rights and responsibilities following a collision on the road. However, by providing educational resources and determined legal representation, our law firm aims to help injured people get the compensation they deserve from negligent parties.

Contact Smith Hulsey Law to learn more about mistakes to avoid after a Gainesville car accident or to discuss a specific case.

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