What to Do after a Gainesville Car Accident

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If you were in a serious traffic collision, you may be left unsure of what to do. Once the initial shock wears off, car accident victims are often burdened by the pain of their injuries on top of paying for medical treatment and property damage. Insurance companies add an additional layer of stress to anyone recovering from a severe crash.

After a car wreck, the most important thing is getting medical treatment as soon as possible. When you are in a stable condition, consult a dedicated car accident attorney on the next best steps to take. At Smith Hulsey, our lawyers know what to do after a Gainesville car accident to help maximize a victim’s chances of recovery and minimize stress.

Common Causes of Car Crashes in Gainesville

There are several types of auto collision cases that our local attorneys frequently handle, many of which involve traffic law violations. Common examples include:

  • Rear-endings caused by following too closely
  • T-bone collisions caused by failure to yield or running traffic signals
  • Sideswipes resulting from improper lane changes
  • Accidents resulting from DUIs
  • Accidents caused by texting and driving

How do Charges after a Car Accident Impact the Case?

The charges that a Gainesville driver receives for the accident are key in determining who is responsible, especially if there are several citations given by the investigating officer. Those charges can make the case more valuable, depending on how serious they are.

If there is any question of fault, the type of charges that are issued to an injured victim can determine how the insurance company is going to handle the case and how quickly will pay out. An injured victim should contact a skilled attorney after a car accident in Gainesville, particularly if they may be partially at fault for the collision.

Steps to Take after a Car Wreck

After a traffic crash, the first step is to seek medical treatment as soon as possible, ideally at a hospital. If emergency care is not required, an impacted driver should still visit an urgent care facility or their primary care physician to get checked out. Even if they are not feeling any pain in the moment, injuries may manifest after several days when the adrenaline wears off.

If symptoms are not reported to a doctor or documented in medical records, the insurance company will not take them into account. Victims who seek compensation for their pain must report any injuries as soon as possible after their car accident.

Get Legal Support for Dealing with Insurance Companies

There are certain things that a traffic accident victim should or should not tell their insurance adjusters. Most Gainesville residents do not have the knowledge of insurance companies that our attorneys have spent years cultivating. Understanding what to do in these situations can be key in securing a fair settlement, so it is important to seek nearby legal support as soon as possible after a car accident.

Consult an Attorney on What to Do after a Gainesville Car Accident

Speaking with an experienced attorney is always recommended for those who have suffered a vehicular collision. For one, a lawyer who understands what to do after a Gainesville car accident could handle any legal actions or insurance negotiations and allow the victim to focus on their recovery.

If you were recently hurt in a traffic crash, contact the legal team at Smith Hulsey today for caring, compassionate support. Setting up a free consultation could be the first step in pursuing recovery for your losses.

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