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Collisions between maritime vessels and other types of water accidents can be just as, if not more, dangerous than crashes involving automobiles on land. On top of the risk of drowning, boat wrecks often result in substantial impact injuries as well, ranging from comparatively minor damage like ligament tears and broken bones to life-altering injuries to the brain or spine.

Whatever circumstances led to a watercraft collision, having a personal injury attorney’s help could be absolutely crucial to ensuring effective financial recovery afterwards. A seasoned Clarkesville boat accident lawyer at Smith Hulsey could take the lead in establishing fault for your injuries, valuating the losses that resulted from those injuries, and demanding fair restitution through settlement negotiations or a civil lawsuit.

What Damages Could Be Recoverable after a Clarkesville Watercraft Crash?

Given the potential severity of waterborne incidents, litigation often must account for immediately apparent losses and future damages that will impact a person months, or even years, down the line.

Economic Damages

In the short term, civil recovery can for out-of-pocket expenses like emergency medical bills, boat repair or replacement costs, and rental fees if applicable. They could also include missed income due to time spent out of work.

Non-Economic and Punitive Damages

In the long term, debilitating injuries may necessitate compensation for future lost earning capacity, lost enjoyment of life, physical pain, and psychological suffering. In rare cases, punitive damages may even be available specifically to punish an egregiously negligent or knowingly malicious defendant for their actions.

Overall, the value of a particular claim will depend on the unique losses experienced by the injured plaintiff. A conversation with a Clarkesville boating collision attorney could provide crucial context and clarification about what damages might be compensable in a particular situation.

Potential Obstacles to Comprehensive Recovery in Boating Wrecks

Just like motor vehicle drivers on land, watercraft operators may be held partially responsible for their own injuries if their conduct contributed to causing the accident. In this kind of scenario, the state allows a court to reduce a plaintiff’s final damage award based on the percentage of total fault assigned to the plaintiff. Local law bars all forms of financial recovery for anyone injured found 50 percent or more to blame for their incident.

Additionally, most local claimants are barred from recovering compensation if they wait longer than two years to start the litigation process after first sustaining or discovering their injuries. Understanding these legal pitfalls is easier with a knowledgeable attorney who has handled maritime vessel wreck claims in Clarkesville successfully before.

Learn More from a Clarkesville Boat Accident Attorney

Any crash away from land can lead to consequential injuries that may cause life-changing physical, financial, and personal harm. Recovering fair compensation for boating wreck losses from the responsible party can often be a uniquely complicated and challenging endeavor, especially if you try to pursue your case alone.

Retaining an attorney of the people should be your top priority. A skilled Clarkesville boat accident lawyer could help you get the best chance of a positive resolution to a case like this. Call Smith Hulsey today to schedule a consultation.

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