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Every action that a parent takes should be to protect the well-being of their children. However, it is impossible to shield your kids from every potential harm and hazard. Children may counter these dangers while with you or while out on their own. If a minor suffers harm because of the actions of a third party, they deserve the compensation that they need to bring comfort back into their lives.

A Clarkesville child injury lawyer could help your family to pursue these payments. This includes seeking out compensation through an insurance settlement and bringing lawsuits to court. A personal injury attorney at Smith Hulsey could also help to navigate the state’s specific laws that control the ability of parents to receive payment on behalf of their kids.

Holding At-Fault Parties Liable for Harm that Affects Minors

Minors may suffer harm while riding in a car or bus, while on their bicycles, or while in a public place like a grocery store. They may also suffer harm due to child-specific scenarios, such as at school or while at a day-care facility. Any child who suffers harm because of the actions of another deserves full payment for their losses.

A Clarkesville child accident attorney is prepared to take the lead in these matters. They can work to thoroughly investigate the incident and determine which parties are to blame. They also evaluate the ways in which the incident has impacted a kid’s life to place a fair dollar value on their experiences.

Obtaining Compensation in Clarkesville Child Injury Cases

Personal injury cases that affect adults are relatively straightforward as adults have the legal authority to pursue cases on their own. However, if an incident impacts children, cases can become more complicated.

As minors, children are unable to make legal decisions on their own. In limited circumstances, their parents or legal guardians can act on their behalf. In others, a court must intervene to ensure that the best interests of the kid remain at the forefront of the matter.

According to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 29-3-3, parents and guardians can act on their own if the proposed settlement amount is $15,000 or less. However, if an insurance company offers an amount that exceeds this value, the court may need to seek a court appointed conservator on behalf of the child. A Clarkesville minor injury attorney could help families remain in compliance with this essential portion of the law.

Call a Clarkesville Child Injury Attorney Today

All people who suffer harm because of the actions of others deserve full compensation for their losses. Children are no exception to this rule. Still, kids cannot pursue these cases on their own and require the help of a parent or guardian. Pursuing these cases requires the ability to properly investigate the incident and to comply with all relevant state laws.

A Clarkesville child injury lawyer is prepared to take the lead in protecting your family following an accident. They can work to prove fault on the part of another party and measure the impact of the event. They also seek out fair payments every step of the way and seek out court approval if necessary. Reach out to Smith Hulsey now to get started.

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