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While most dogs are friendly and lovable pets, they are all still animals, and any canine who views another person or animal as a threat could cause serious injuries. The unique rules that apply specifically to claims based on canine bites can sometimes bring about a complexity unique to these cases.

Effectively pursuing financial recovery for injuries caused by a domesticated animal could be much easier with a Smith Hulsey personal injury attorney’s guidance. By working with a Clarkesville dog bite lawyer who is familiar with these cases, you could have the best chances of preserving your future by obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Recovering Losses in a Clarkesville Canine Attack

Unfortunately, the true impact of a severe animal bite can often extend far beyond the physical injuries sustained during the actual attack. In many cases, people hurt by a dog experience emotional and psychological trauma as a result of their experience. They could also suffer from significant financial expenses in the form of medical bills, lost work income, and potentially damage to personal property.

A dedicated canine bite attorney in Clarkesville could demand fair restitution for both short-term and long-term effects of a serious injury, including lost quality of life. If an animal owner has a history of negligent conduct of this nature or engages in malicious behavior, it may even be possible to recover punitive damages as well.

When are Pet Owners Liable for Bite Injuries?

While dog bite claims fall under personal injury law, they do not always proceed based on the same legal theory of negligence underpinning most other claims. Official Code of Georgia §51-2-7 makes pet owners strictly liable for injuries their animal causes to any other person if they occur under specific circumstances.

According to this statute, strict liability for canine bite injuries applies if someone who owns a vicious animal fails to properly secure and contain their pet. In addition, the person bitten must not have been taunting the dog where they were attacked or have provoked the dog into attacking in any way. If someone had been provoking the animal, they may not be eligible for recovery.

Importantly, the criteria for what constitutes a “vicious” dog can be as simple as a state or local rule mandating that the pet should have been on a leash at the time of the attack. If a canine that is not considered “vicious” hurts someone, a Clarkesville dog attack attorney could still help an injured individual pursue financial recovery from the pet owner based on traditional negligence.

Get in Touch with a Clarkesville Dog Bite Attorney Today

Animal attacks are extremely serious, especially if the canine has a history of similar incidents in the past. Even if you only sustain minor physical harm, the personal effects of this incident could last for months or even years, and you may deserve fair financial recovery for them all the same.

An experienced Clarkesville dog bite lawyer could play a central and irreplaceable role in your pursuit of the restitution you need. Call the lawyers of the people at Smith Hulsey today to schedule a meeting.

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