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Thousands of families depend on nursing homes and assisted living facilities to provide daily care and comfort to elderly family members. While many of these facilities fulfill the immense responsibility they owe to their residents, some do not. This may be through unintentional negligence or intentional abuse, and can cause catastrophic harm.

If you suspect someone you love is experiencing mistreatment from the people who are supposed to care for them, contact a Clarkesville nursing home abuse lawyer. Time is of the essence in situations like this, and guidance from a personal injury attorney at Smith Hulsey could be crucial to preserving your family member’s wellbeing.

What Does Mistreatment in a Nursing Home Look Like?

Nursing home administrators do not always ensure that their facilities are staffed with qualified workers and that they have the supplies necessary to provide every resident with a good quality of life. Unfortunately, this kind of carelessness at the administrative level can have negative effects on patients, often resulting in avoidable physical harm and psychological trauma.

Importantly, nursing home abuse does not always take the form of a staff member physically, emotionally, or sexually assaulting residents. In many situations, mistreatment in these facilities can be a failure by staff members to provide for every resident’s needs. This can sometimes be due to understaffing or lack of appropriate training rather than an individual employee’s negligence. Mistreatment can manifest as anything from a lack of clean linens to poor nutritional care, to lack of supervision.

No matter what form nursing home mistreatment takes, the people responsible for allowing it to happen can be held financially and legally accountable for their actions. A Clarkesville elder abuse attorney at Smith Hulsey could be a crucial ally from start to finish of any claim against a negligent or abusive nursing home employee.

Taking Action to Protect Vulnerable Residents

While the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) has the authority to take action against elder abuse within assisted living facilities, those investigation can take time. In certain cases, residents in particularly dangerous circumstances might not have a lot of time to get to safety. In emergencies, enlisting the help of law enforcement to remove a threatened resident from dangerous conditions may be warranted. A nursing home mistreatment attorney in Clarkesville could explain further options in detail as needed.

Recovering Compensation

Once a nursing home resident impacted by mistreatment is in a safe place, they and their family members can pursue civil compensation. Compensation could allow them to recover for every form of harm they sustained due to neglect or abuse. Depending on the situation, recoverable damages could include economic losses like medical expenses, and non-economic damages like physical pain and emotional trauma.

Enlist a Clarkesville Nursing Home Abuse Attorney to Help Today

Elder abuse is unfortunately much more common than many people think, and nursing homes are infamous for the unjust treatment of vulnerable individuals. Fortunately, you may have legal means in this kind of situation to both immediately protect your family from further harm and to seek restitution for harm they have already suffered.

Working with a Clarkesville nursing home abuse lawyer could be key to effectively addressing mistreatment in any kind of assisted living facility. Call Smith Hulsey today to learn more.

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